I can’t get an erection with a condom on

Every sexually active man wants to get his hands on the new-age condoms, which are also referred to as erection condoms or Viagra condoms. The regular rubber latex and lubricated condoms just do not make the cut. Fortunately, the new breed of condoms in the market help men experience close-to-natural sex and also maintain erections for the entire duration of the sexual intercourse. Before we get to the new breed of condoms, here’s why a regular condom wrecks a man’s erection:


1. Rubber latex and even lubricated condoms dull the sensation for many men, or disturb men by altering their sexual sensations. Performing with a condom on is like having sexual intercourse when 2 or more phones are ringing.


2. Many scientific studies have proved beyond doubt that using a regular latex condom causes erection loss in many men. A survey conducted by the Indiana University established that 37% of condom-using men lose their erection just prior to or during a sexual intercourse. The villain of the piece is the condom, which acts as a deterrent.


3. Lubricated condoms contain chemicals that increase the chance of getting sexually transmitted diseases (STD).


4. The act of putting on a condom creates a pause during the foreplay and this leads to loss of intensity.


5. The friction caused by a regular condom’s rubber latex decreases female enjoyment and even makes her uncomfortable. Lubricated condoms work better, but expose both partners to risk of STDs.


6. Men become self-conscious while using a condom and lose their spontaneity. Loss of erection may follow thereafter.


7. Men must immediately withdraw their penis after ejaculation and get rid of the condom. This makes the sexual intercourse less enjoyable.


8. Some men and women are allergic to latex condoms.


9. The man must maintain his erection throughout – and this thought keeps playing at the back of his head making him preoccupied when he should be foot loose and care free.


There is good news for all men whose erection and sexual performance is impacted by condoms – such men can now buy the new-age erection condoms (also called Viagra condoms). These condoms deliver erectogenic compounds to the penis and ensure that the erection is maintained throughout the period of the sexual intercourse. These erections condoms have been tested and studies have also found that women experienced a longer and more satisfying and fulfilling sexual experience. The use of these new-age condoms is increasing by the day as more and more regular-condom-haters are switching to these with a vengeance.


Loss of erection during sex and condom use

Men do not exactly like to wear condoms. Such a statement is really not much of a revelation. Among the reasons men do not like to wear condoms is that they do not feel natural, are uncomfortable, or can make it difficult to maintain an erection. This latter point can be considered one of the more serious issues which is why the development of the erection condom is such a positive thing.


When you cannot maintain an erection while wearing a condom, the ability for the condom to be effective is compromised. As a birth control aid, a condom that become loose due to a weak erection undermines the ability for the condom to do so. Again, this is why the forthcoming Viagra condom to the European Union market might very well be a great way to potentially prevent such problematic issues from arising.


Some may wonder why it is that it can prove to be difficult to maintain an erection when wearing a condom?


On a psychological level, the excitement levels a man may feel can decrease. He can become distracted as a result or feel anxiety. As a result, there will be a physiological reaction that occurs. In this case, the physiological reaction will be the erection becoming much softer and weaker. This either will compromise safe sex or it will lead the man to cease sexual intercourse.


Another reason why men may lose their erection is because the condom is too tight. The obvious problem here is that when the condom is too tight, physical discomfort arises and this leads to the weakening of the erection. Granted, it is true that some men can wear condoms and not suffer from any problems with their erections. However, there are many men who do suffer from this problem and this is why the arrival of the erection condom may prove to be a truly excellent help to them.


Whether the problem with your weak erections are mental or physical the fact remains that you are not experiencing the proper flow of blood to the penis. if the chambers of the penis are not engorged with blood then the penis will not stay erect. The great benefit of the erection condom is that its gel is designed to help promote more blood to the penis. As the penis does not suffer from a lack of blood flow thanks the the facilitation of more blood to the penis, the problems with erections will subside.


It would not be accurate to say that any condom no matter how innovative it may be can be a cure to erectile dysfunction. However, for those that do not suffer from a serious problem with ED, these condoms may be able to deliver on the expected benefits.