Could a New ‘Viagra Condom’ Encourage Safer Sex?

When you think about the reasons you choose not to use a condom, the idea of an erection condom may prove to be the answer. Unlike a traditional condom that could prevent sensitivity and cause you to lose your erection, the new Viagra condom could potentially help you to maintain your erection and keep you safer during intercourse.

In fact, many people are considering the use of this condom since it does have the potential to improve the overall experience. The benefit of this is that there is the potential to reduce the risk of infections spreading from one person to another through the art of safer sex.

For some men, the idea of the Viagra condom has another benefit associated with it. That will be the fact that they have the ability to benefit from the Sildenafil gel that is in them which will give a man the full experience that comes with the Viagra pills. However, it is important that you do understand that an initial erection is going to be needed for this erection condom to benefit you. The gel can only be used to maintain stimulation.

As with other condoms, the accuracy of the Viagra condom is 95% which makes it a safer choice for sexual activity since it does have a higher probability of keeping you protected during sexual intercourse.

This means you will have protection from a number of the different sexually transmitted diseases and reduce the risk of pregnancy as well. This means you can still enjoy the experience with your partner, without having to stress about the consequences that could happen when you have unprotected intercourse.

With all these factors in place, you can easily see how this condom does encourage people to use safer sex by enhancing the experience that both men and women will have with it. Keep in mind that at this point, the United States hasn’t approved the use of these condoms yet as the FDA is still having some testing done on them. However, there is little doubt that in the near future that they are going to be approved for use.

Depending on the decision of the FDA, the condoms may be required to be held behind the counter or they may even require the use of a prescription because of the nature of the gel. No matter what it will require to obtain the condom, you will still find that they are going to be a way to improve your experience while keeping you safer.


New "Viagra condoms:" Do they really work?

One of the newest fads is the Viagra condom or the erection condom as it is sometimes called. This is a condom that is placed on the body and causes a man to have the ability to remain stimulated during intercourse. Since this has generated some interest with people, it is important that you do take a look into them.

When placed on the penis, the condom increases blood flow and allows a man to maintain his erection during the duration of intercourse. It does this by using a gel that inside of the condom that allows the body to absorb the ingredients.

Early studies and research does suggest that these condoms do work for this benefit and while the FDA is looking into the claims and determining if the condoms can be used in the United States, Durex has already decided to move forward with rolling them out in Europe.

What’s interesting is that even with the gel in the condom is that the Viagra condoms do maintain the standard 95% accuracy rating that most condoms have. The design prevents them from breaking down as a result of the gel and ensures that you have a safe and effective piece of protection available.

This means you will have a level of protection from the erection condom that will protect you from both sexually transmitted diseases as well as from pregnancy concerns as well. Of course, you will need to be sure that you are using them as directed to avoid any potential injury or damage that may occur from regular use.

As long as you approach them in a sensible manner, there is no real reason why you won’t be able to find that the Viagra condom can’t help to enhance the experience you have with your partner and to keep both of you safer during intimacy. With a number of different condom types out there, this is just going to be another solid and beneficial choice you will end up having.

It should be noted though that due to the nature of the gel, there is a possibility that you may need a prescription to obtain it and at the moment that is one of the items that the FDA is addressing. However, this will certainly be worth it since the condoms do help to improve your experience and give you the results that you are looking for.

Will ‘Viagra in a Condom’ Get Guys To Like Using One?

It is not exactly a secret that men do not like to wear condoms. One reason this is so is because condoms have a tendency to make it difficult to maintain an erection. Now, an innovation may be setting the stage to actually lead many men to actually enjoy wearing a condom.


The erection condom is looming on the horizon of male sexual health market as the EU has approved the release of a condom that will contain a special gel. It is this gel that contributes to the other name of the condom being the “Viagra condom”. No, this condom does not contain actual Viagra in any form. However, the gel serves a purpose similar to Viagra in the sense it helps ensure the penis remains erect. The way this is achieved is through increasing the blood flow to the penis. As a result, the penis will not suffer from weak erections as a result.


Does this mean that men will start to enjoy wearing a condom? Okay, it might be somewhat of an overstatement that the development of a “viagra condom” will lead any men to finding some level of joy in wearing a condom. Issues of comfort will always be a concern and this will never go away regardless of the innovations of the erection condom.


That said, the most troubling and unsafe aspect of condom use would be the troubling issue that the discomfort of wearing a condom leads to weak erections. It should go without saying that a weak erection can cause a lot of disharmony during sexual intercourse. Who would want to deal with a condom falling off during intercourse? How can you have intercourse when you cannot maintain a full erection? Once you realize that there is a special condom that has the ability to address problems of this nature, the value of the condom will certainly increase in the eyes of many men. Will they enjoy using condoms as a result? The truth of the matter is they probably will not find very much to enjoy about wearing the condom but they will find sexual intercourse to be significantly more enjoyable since the common disruptions will cease to be so troubling.


No one would be looking to having to wearing an uncomfortable condom but when you realize many of the annoying issues associated with wearing a condom are no more thanks to the erection improving gel in this particular condom, you could say some of the disparaging feeling associated with wearing a condom will be diminished.


No one wants to find sexual intercourse unenjoyable and the erection condom will make sure you do not have to suffer from the common problems traditional condoms are known to cause.


'Viagra condom' soon to hit shelves

The Erection Condom by Futura Medical


Among the most common complaints about wearing a condom would be the fact that some men will have a difficult time maintaining an erection with one on. Such a problem may turn out to be a thing of the past with the arrival of the Viagra condom that will soon be hitting store shelves. For those with serious concerns about being able to maintain an erection with a condom on, this newly designed condom might very well offer the perfect solution.


Some may consider the concept of an erection condom to be a novelty item or a gimmick. The truth is this condom is actually a scientific breakthrough. Recently, a company named Futura Medical has developed the ability to apply a gel that helps a man maintain an erection to the inside of a condom. What this means is the penis will be stimulated to remain erect when it is in the condom eliminating weak erections or a loss of sexual function.


The way the gel works is that it contributes to helping facilitate blood flow to the penis. As most realize, in order for a man to maintain an erection, the penis must be engorged with blood. When there is not enough blood in the penis, it cannot maintain an erection. Through the presence of a gel that has the ability to promote the vacillation of blood to the chambers of the penis, a firmer erection is possible. Hence, the condom is dubbed the “erection condom”.


Note: this condom is not intended to act as a substitute for a qualified urologist’s recommendation regarding how to treat erectile dysfunction.


Futura Medical has developed the gel and the process of applying to the inside of a condom. However, Futura Medical does not make condoms. Instead, these Viagra condoms (That is a nickname for them as there is no actual Viagra inside of the condoms) will be manufactured and marketed by Durex.


Unfortunately, those in the United States will not yet be able to take advantage of this new condom. The “Condom Safety Device” has only been approved for use in the European Union where it will eventually make its way to store shelves some time in 2013. In the United States, it would need to be approved by the food and Drug Administration (FDA) prior to release. This is not to say that there is any current hostility in the FDA regarding this particular condom. Rather, there is an approval process it must go through to meet quality and safety standards.


The erection condom is coming to the EU and it may be well on its way to debuting in the United States in the future. For those dealing with weak erections when wearing condoms, this innovative new concept might prove to be the previously elusive solution so many men have sought.

‘Viagra Condom’ Durex CSD500 Coming To Europe

CSD500 blue diamond Viagra condom

CSD500 blue diamond Viagra condom

If you want a condom that can help your erection problem then look no further than the Viagra condom. Durex is the largest condom company in the world and it has come up with the solution for men who have deflation issues when they put on their condom. The new Durex condom that will be out soon is the new and innovative way to use a condom. They will be on the market in Europe very soon and then in the United States. This erection condom is the most innovative in condoms in years. You can have all the protection of condoms with the extra little kick of Viagra to make your experience all the more pleasurable for you and your mate.

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The way this condom works is it has gel in the tip to dilate the arteries and increase blood flow to the penis. This results in a firmer and bigger erection. It can help healthy men maintain a firmer erection for an extended period of time while wearing a condom for protection. This is the same technology that Viagra uses and it is the technology that originally helped people with heart problems. This technology continues to develop. The Viagra condom can be one of the best innovations since the invention of condoms. The ingredients in the erection condom do not degrade the integrity of the condom and the condom is still perfectly safe.


In the past, some people would not wear condoms because they did not want to deal with deflation of their penis so they risked their health for the sake of an erection. Now, that does not have to be an issue. Not only will it not cause you to deflate but also it will only make you more erect and firm. It can even make the experience last longer which gives additional pleasure to your mate. The excuse of a limp penis is never an excuse not to wear a condom.


You can have an enhanced sexual experience and have the protection that is necessary for your health. You can be happy and healthy. With an erection condom, you can make your sexual experience the best you have ever had and you can make your partner feel the same.


Sex is an important part of life and to have a healthy and active sex life you need to wear a condom. If you have erection issues with condoms then the new and innovative Viagra condom can change your sex life in a positive way. Your partner will thank you and reward you with a pleasurable and extended performance. The erection condom will be available soon for purchase and they have received great reviews during clinical trials. One day soon, you will be able to buy them and make your deflation problems a thing of the past.


'Viagra Condom' Hopes to Buoy Endurance

There are erection issues that come with condom use and this has been a problem for a while. The solution may be in stores soon. They are starting in Europe and then will be available in the United States. The Viagra condom is also promoted to buoy endurance, which is one more great reason to use these condoms. You can have endurance and a firmer penis. These teamed together can make for a sexual experience that will be unforgettable for you and your partner. Sexual issues with condoms are numerous and in the past have dissuaded men from wearing condoms. The new erection condom makes all the issues disappear and in their place is a brand new sex life that can make things much better in the bedroom.


Everyone wants a sexual experience that will last. Let’s face it, quickies are way overrated. Most people want the sexual experience to last as long as possible and with the erection condom, you can have better endurance and last longer. So, you are not only getting a condom that provides you with a firmer, more erect penis but also helps you make the experience last for an extended time. Your partner will appreciate the extra time and endurance and will enjoy a larger and more erect penis.


The erection condom works by using a coating of gel that has the same active ingredients of Viagra pills. However, it does not have all the side effects and issues that come with taking the pills orally. It is much safer, and even though it is not promoted as an erectile dysfunction medication, it works in the same way that erectile dysfunction medication works. You can have all the perks without the worries of reactions and problems. Many people that have always wanted to try a medication to help erectile dysfunction will now be able to try it in an easy and safe way. It can be the answer to problems with penis issues such as deflation and limited endurance. These issues can affect your sex life and your confidence. There is a product that can give you back your confidence and prowess in the bedroom.


Sexual endurance is an important part of the sexual experience, and having a Viagra condom at your disposal can help you have all the endurance you want while still providing protection. It also helps that you get a firmer and bigger penis to share with your partner. The erection condom will be available soon, starting in Europe and then the United States. The Durex condom company has a product that will change the way people have sex and can give everyone the sexual experience that they have always desired.…

Erection goes down when the condom comes out

Erectile dysfunction is an extremely debilitating problem for men and can be very frustrating for their partners. When your erectile dysfunction is directly related to condom use there may be a solution for that as well. Many men are ready to go and rock hard and then it is time for them to put on a condom. During the process of opening the condom and putting it on their erection goes away. This can be extremely frustrating for everyone involved. There are ways to keep this from happening, and the new way may be the erection condom.


An erection condom is also called a Viagra condom because it mimics Viagra in that they help you get and maintain an erection. The condoms are coated with a gel that has the active ingredients of Viagra and has the same effects. Instead of your penis growing soft when you put the condom on it will have the opposite effect. You can use protection and provide more pleasure for your mate. The firmer and more erect the penis the more pleasure that is derived from your mate. This condom will assist you in that department instead of having the opposite effect.


It is recommended that you try traditional methods first, like extended foreplay to keep your penis erect and firm. Foreplay works for some because it gets them so turned on that they do not deflate when they stop and put on the condom. The downside to this technique may be premature ejaculation which can also be frustrating for your partner. However, if that is not working it is better to have options. This new erection condom may be the answer to your condom woes.


These condoms should be available by the end of the year for people in Europe and they are being looked at by the food and drug administration of the United States. The condoms have worked wonderfully in trials and the results were very satisfactory for the men and women. They are highly recommended for people with erectile problems during condom use.


The erection condom is popular because they can solve two major issues with one product. You can have a firm and erect penis and protection from STD’s, pregnancy and Aids. This is a product that is sure to fly off the shelves and be the favorite new sex aide for men and women. The Viagra condom is the new way to have a healthy sex life and still maintain all the components that are necessary to provide an orgasm. This product will enhance and renew your love life in a way that you never imagined possible. These condoms are revolutionary and you can have them soon. Watch the shelves of your local drug store for this product.


Condoms make him lose his erection

Well, according to Cynthia Graham, Associate Research fellow at Kinsey Institute for Sex, Gender and Reproduction at the Indiana University, the two words definitely do not go together. A New Scientist feature ( ) that quotes Cynthia clearly states that men feel a strange kind of nervous excitement especially while having sex with a new partner and all this excitement coupled with ill-fitting condoms that scrape and irritate leads to heavy-duty erection loss. This makes men dump the condoms and indulge in unprotected sex, which increases the likelihood of getting a sexually transmitted disease.


Cynthia Graham conducted a research on 278 men who were asked about condom-erection loss, frequency of unprotected sex, and many other questions. One of the most important discoveries was that 37% of men experienced erection loss while putting on condoms or while having sex.


Let’s face it, most men are of the opinion that condoms irritate and make them self-conscious prior to and during sex. The only other solution available so far is using lubricated condoms. However, lubricated condoms contain Nonoxynol-9, a spermicidal lubricant, and their frequent use can lead to an increased risk of sexually transmitted disease. Other techniques are primitive – experts advise men to become more mentally tough and keep going with regular condoms until they get used to the irritating rubber grazing against skin. But then, this technique can cause many erection losses before it is perfected. And, as you one, one erection loss is enough to shatter a man’s confidence for life.


Once men experience erection loss, they hit a psychological low and life becomes full of excuses. “It happened because I experienced loss of sensation,” “The condom hurt me so bad it ruined my moment,” and other innovative excuses become part of bedroom life. All men feel extremely depressed and their ego takes a huge beating every time they face an erection loss. The sad fact is that erection loss can occur for all men every time they use a condom. There’s no escape, just surrender.


Fortunately, there is a new type of Viagra condom or an erection condom in the market. These new condoms contain erectogenic compounds that help keep men’s erection solidly firm throughout the entire sexual encounter. Such condoms can help men enjoy the entire sexual experience and also ward off sexually transmitted diseases. These erection condoms – or Viagra condoms, call them whatever name – seem to be the need of the hour.

Durex creates new blood-flow boosting condom that gives men a welcome lift

The erection condom is the latest design from Durex. This Viagra Condom has a gel in the tip that increases the flow of blood to the penis. It is already being used in clinical trials in the UK, with subjects experiencing larger, firmer erections that last much longer than normal. These condoms are being manufactured by Futura Medical, and will be made by leading condom manufacturer Durex. The invention is called CSD500, but the press has been calling it the 'Viagra' condom.


Even though it is being called the Viagra Condom, the actual prescription medication works differently. Viagra helps those with ED get aroused, while the CSD500 gel works to help those that have problems maintaining and erection after applying a condom. This gel will help maintain the erection after the condom is put on. The gel is called Zanifil, and was inspired by a generic substance that is used to treat Angina in heart patients.


Not only will this erection condom help people get firmer erections, it also has a number of other benefits that may be as, if not more important. One of the problems men face when they have trouble maintaining an erection with a condom is the possibility that it will slip off, causing unwanted pregnancies. Being able to keep an erection will also keep the condom on. With so many unwanted pregnancies occurring, this will help lower these rates.


Another benefit from the Viagra condom is that because men will want this product to have larger, firmer and longer lasting erections, they will use condoms much more often than before. Some men and even women don't like condoms in general, but with these erection condom products, more will use it. This means that Sexually Transmitted Diseases or STDs will likely be reduced dramatically, especially for those that have casual sex or with multiple partners.


Now that your attention has been grabbed, you may be wondering when the Viagra Condom is going to be available. If things work in testing and a few bugs can be worked out, you may be able to have these condoms by your bedside by the end of the year. One of the hurdles that are being worked on is how to make the gel have a better shelf life, as well as not interfere with the condom material itself.


You can find an abundance of information about the new erection condom online from a variety of resources. The news and other media resources offer a number of stories on this subject. Not only will these products offer a welcome lift for those men who have problems with conventional condom products, but will also promote safe sex.


New viagra condom to join the fight in STD prevention

The new erection condom or Viagra condom as it is sometimes known is helping to encourage more people to use protection when having sexual relations with their partner. These condoms have a gel in them that will help a male to maintain his erection with the use of the condom and this can help to offset the concerns that many people have with condom use.

In fact, the gel has been shown to produce the same results that Viagra pills have in the past. The difference though is that they aren’t a solution for erectile dysfunction. Instead, they help to maintain the sensitivity that is often reduced with the use of a condom.

The gel which has been shown to be effective with angina is designed to be safe with the latex in the condom. This means it won’t break with use and will ensure that both parties are protected from any potential STDs that their partner may have.

Of course, the erection condom or even Viagra condom if you will is only going to be so effective. As with a standard condom, there is still the risk of the condom breaking and you will still need to exercise good judgment when using them for sexual activity.

While the long term effectiveness and safety of the Viagra condom is still up in the air, there is still little doubt that these are going to be a safer solution that to use no protection at all. This protection will cover everything from:

  • HIV
  • Syphilis
  • Gonorrhea
  • Pregnancy


Keep in mind that as with most condoms the level of accuracy is only roughly 95% accurate and you do need to keep this in mind. Still, the ability to perform with a condom is going to certain encourage both men and women to use this form of protection more often during intercourse because of the benefits of the gel and the fact that they are going to be able to have some peace of mind as well. At the moment, the condoms are still looking to be expanded to the United States pending FDA approval. Because of their contents, there is a good possibility that at minimum they may be held behind the counter, but most likely they will require you to have a prescription in place to pick up a box of them because of the nature of the gel.

Putting on Condom = Bye Bye Erection

If the sight of a condom makes your penis deflate then an erection condom may make your penis rise to the occasion. One of the worst things that can happen when you are having a sexual encounter is for your penis to deflate. Let’s face it, a limp penis is the fastest and most efficient way to kill a sexual experience and can leave everyone feeling unfulfilled and frustrated. It can also have other long term effects on your confidence in the bedroom. To avoid all of these issues there is soon to be the answer to your dreams. This is an erection condom. These condoms not only provide the protection that is imperative but also give you the added benefit of a firmer and more erect penis.


Many people have unprotected sex because the mere thought of a condom makes their penis go soft. There is never any excuse for going without a condom. You need a condom for protection against STD’s, pregnancy and Aids. Ignorance in this area can give you serious and life threatening health problems and it is not worth the risk. The Viagra condom can give you all the protection that is necessary to keep you healthy and can give you the firm and erect penis that you and your partner want to make it the perfect sexual experience. Who can ask for more than protection and safety in one easy to use sex tool?


The erection condom contains a gel in the tip that has the same effect as Viagra has, and this is why many people are calling them the Viagra condom. This is also a choice for those men who have problems taking pills or oral medication. Even though this will not be listed as an erectile dysfunction solution, the fact that it works in the same way as Viagra but it goes directly to the source will be attractive to many men with an erectile dysfunction problem. So men that have bad reactions to Viagra may be able to use theViagra condom. These may help with erection items where other items have failed. So you may not have to say bye bye to your erection any longer. Erection problems can be a thing of the past.


Condoms and erections should work together to give protection and pleasure and if this is currently a problem then erection problems can help. If you want to have all the pleasure and none of the hassles then you can succeed with these miracle devices. Look for them soon at the local drug store and know that they can make the difference in your love life. The erection condom is the new way to have condoms that have everything that you need and desire.


Will Viagra condoms promote safer sex?

What is a Viagra Condom? This is a new kind of erection condom that is supposed to promote safe sex. Basically, the inside of a condom is coated with a special gel that was once used to treat Angina, and now helps keep the penis erect. This medication is called Zanifil, which will be contained in the tip of the condom. Some men have problems maintaining an erection after putting on a condom, and this can not only cause it to come off, but deter some males from using them in the first place.


The promoters of these products hope that because their new Viagra condom or erection condom will help keep the male organ hard, that more people will use it on a regular basis. If this is true, this could have a number of benefits in our society, not just in America, but in other parts of the world as well. Here are just a few of the benefits.


One of the major benefits of the new Viagra condom is the prevention of accidental pregnancy. If the male can't maintain an erection, the condom can slip off, and a woman can get pregnant. Many unexpected pregnancies have occurred because of this, and can bring unwanted children into the world. Because an erection condom can help keep the penis erect, the condom doesn't come off.


Another great benefit of using this new erection condom is that because men will want to use them, the spread of sexually transmitted diseases or STDs will be greatly reduced by the general population. Most men in general don't like using condoms, so a product that offers to make men harder longer will have an appeal, thereby promoting safer sex in general. More men will want to use these products for improving their sex lives.


Now before running out and trying to buy a Viagra condom, you have to understand that these products are being developed in the UK, and may not be available in the US until the end of the year. One of the main challenges the erection condom is creating a stable gel product, one that is not only going to have a long shelf life, but also one that is not going to effect the condom material itself.


So far, initial European testing has been positive, with men reporting stronger, firmer erections that last longer. If you need more information, there are a number of online resources available. Because of the concerns about unwanted pregnancies as well as STDs, it is possible that the researchers and manufacturers of the erection product may get them out on the market ahead of schedule. In addition, US condom manufacturers may also see the benefits, and look into producing some of these products themselves.

Condom woes lead to erection deflation

When you are talking about deflation it can be a really bad word. If you have deflation woes at the sight of a condom then you may have a problem that is deflating your sex life. The erection condom may be the answer to your deflation woes and it may be the upper that brings the spice back in your love life. Wouldn’t it be nice to never have to worry about getting an erection and you have the guarantee of an erection every time. With theViagra condom you can have the erection that you want without all the drama that pills may cause.


The erection condom has a small amount of gel in the tip and in the condom that will make your deflation problems nonexistent. As a matter of fact it can make all the stressors of sex go away. Many people are stressed out about protection and the condom is the best protection for people that have an active sex life. You know that you need protection but it is hard to sacrifice your erection for protection. The other issue is deflation, and theViagra condom can help with that as well. You can be safe and healthy and also have a firmer and more erect condom.


Imagine being in the heat of the moment and then having to stop and pull out a condom. By the time you have it on you have already deflated. This can be extremely embarrassing for you. It is a difficult thing to talk about with your partner and no one wants to leave the bedroom unsatisfied. This experience can make you feel frustrated and a little depressed. Imagine the flip side, if you put on an erection condom and it only makes you more erect and firmer. It will also make you last longer. Longer is always better and it will help with pleasuring your partner. The Viagra condom will improve the experience instead of making you leave without any satisfaction. This will make all your deflation woes seem like problems of yesterday.


You do not have to suffer through erection issues because very soon there will be a fast and easy solution to your problem. They are for real and are being approved as this article is written. The erection condom will be out soon in Europe and they will soon be available in the United States. Erection woes will be a thing of the past and these condoms will leave you and your partner feeling fulfilled and utterly satisfied. You can have the erection that you have always wanted without pills or oral medication. TheViagra condom is the perfect combination of ingredients to ease your deflation woes forever.


New erection-enhancing condom gets EU approval

After a prolonged scientific study and many years of research and development, the healthcare industry has invented a new breed of “erection condoms,” also referred to as “Viagra condoms,” that help men maintain a solid erection from the time of pulling on the condom right down to ejaculation. The research and development work on the new condoms began after it was conclusively established that regular latex condoms irritated men and women alike, and then made matters worse by causing erection loss in men.


This new condom, named CSD500, delivers an erectogenic compound to the penis that helps men maintain their erection. Men who use CSD500 need not bother about the dull sensation and the psychological setbacks that are associated with the regular condoms. The CSD500 is much safer than lubricated condoms, which expose the partners to the risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases (STD).


The big news is that this new-age erection condom has been awarded the CE Mark. The CE Mark stands for Conformité Européenne (in French – European Conformity in English). The new “Viagra condom” can now be sold in 29 European nations as a Class III medical device containing an ancillary medical substance. The CE Mark is a mandatory confirmatory mark that is required to ensure that the product is in compliance with the essential requirements prescribed by EC directives.


Though the CE Mark is not a quality mark, it can be considered as one. The mark is applicable for all medical device products and it prescribes rigorous checks. The product must be 100% safe and also deliver medicine in a medical-technical way. The products must also work as per the manufacturer’s intended purpose. Every manufacturer must prove his product’s worth and standards to the EU compliance officials before his product is awarded the CE Mark.


Aside from the strict compliance checks, CSD500’s satisfaction- and efficiency-levels have undergone many vigorous tests. Many samples of men and women had several bouts of sexual intercourse using the CSD500, regular and lubricated condoms. After the tests, most men stated that the CSD 500 helped them maintain rock-solid erections for the entire session and some men even claimed that they noticed an increase in penis size. Most women reported a longer and more satisfying sexual experience when their partners used the CSD500.


So, well, the era of the new-age erection condom is finally here and all men should no longer worry about their condom-phobia.

Viagra condoms to help men with erection problems during sex

If you are having an erection problem during sex there is a solution that will be available later this year. You can have the firmer and more erect penis that you want with erection condoms. These condoms provide the wearer with a harder penis and make you more ready to give pleasure and excitement to your partner. An erect penis is the main component to a satisfying sexual experience, and the Viagra condom is the perfect resolution.


The erection condom works because they are coated with a vasodilator gel. The gel has active ingredients like the ones in Viagra and it has worked well in clinical trials. This gel helps the penis become more erect and enhances the penis. So instead of deflation issues you will have a firmer and more erect penis to provide extended pleasure for your partner. The gel is immobilized in the condom. It does not hurt the material of the condom so protection is still in place. You just have an added ingredient that also makes your sexual experience better for you and your partner.


When you have erectile issues it can be both embarrassing and frustrating. This is a solution to the problem without having to take a pill in advance. Just slide the condom on and you have the erection that you have always wanted. The Viagra condom is much easier and safer than a pill and even though they are not officially for erectile dysfunction issues they can still serve that purpose while providing you and your partner with protection. Protection and a firm penis! Who could ask for more?


The erection condom will be available in Europe first and then it will follow in the United States. This condom could be the condom of the future and before it is over everyone will want this extra little kick in their condom. The Viagra condom is an enhancing and enduring product that will make your sexual experience last longer and better. If you want an experience that can be all that a condom should be then look no further than the erection condom.


Protection is a must and you can have the protection that you need with a new extra ingredient that can also help you maintain your erection. So, if you are having issues during sex and it has become a problem then the erection condom can help you with these problems in a safe way. Safety and protection are the key components of the Viagra condom. The fact that it also makes you firmer and more erect is a huge benefit. This is a benefit that your partner will thank you for and reward you in ways that you will enjoy.


Using a condom makes me lose my erection and it's happening every time!

Erection condom manufacturers are continuously attempting to produce a condom, which allows you to stay erect and enjoy your sex life. If you find that you are like many of the men who find it difficult to keep their erections once you use a condom, you will want to find a solution.  A healthy sex life is vital for both your relationships and your mind.

In the past, there would have been remarkably few solutions for erectile problems and issues, and you may have found that you were ignored by your doctor. However, today there are several different products which can help you with your erection issues. You may find that using a Viagra condom is the solution that you have been searching for.

Erectile issues when using condoms is not as unusual as you may think, and many men suffer with some form of nervousness when condoms are used. However, the latest technology has enabled men to continue to get an erection and practice safe sex. The new erection condom allows you to enjoy sex, without fear that you will underperform.

Conventional condoms are often considered, to be incredibly off putting, and many men complain that they suffer from erection issues whilst using this style. However, if you use the erection condom, you will be amazed at how much better, your sex life will become. The revolutionary gel, which lines the Viagra condom, is also used to treat angina.

The gel increases the blood flow to your penis, and ensures that you remain erect for longer. You will notice a difference immediately as your penis will be firmer for longer.  The manufacturers of the erection condom, want to ensure that you practice safe sex, but enjoy the experience. You will be encouraged to use condoms, and enjoy your sex life far more.

There have been several challenges to the manufacturing process of this style of condom, as the gel must not interfere with the design of the condom. If you choose to use contraception, you want to ensure that it is affective. The last thing that you will want is your condom to split due to the gel which is inside.

Many products can affect the latex, which condoms are made from; therefore, the manufacturers had to ensure that the gel did not degrade the erection condom. Once the gel had been discovered, this incredible condom could be manufactured. Many men will find this product incredibly appealing, and will want to try them to see if they help with the problem.

Unlike conventional Viagra these condoms are not designed just for men with erectile issues, they are for men who find it difficult to use conventional condoms.  By increasing the blood flow to your penis, you will find that you are far more confident, and able to perform better. You will be bale to have a stronger erection, and pleasure your lady for longer.

I can’t get an erection with a condom on

Every sexually active man wants to get his hands on the new-age condoms, which are also referred to as erection condoms or Viagra condoms. The regular rubber latex and lubricated condoms just do not make the cut. Fortunately, the new breed of condoms in the market help men experience close-to-natural sex and also maintain erections for the entire duration of the sexual intercourse. Before we get to the new breed of condoms, here’s why a regular condom wrecks a man’s erection:


1. Rubber latex and even lubricated condoms dull the sensation for many men, or disturb men by altering their sexual sensations. Performing with a condom on is like having sexual intercourse when 2 or more phones are ringing.


2. Many scientific studies have proved beyond doubt that using a regular latex condom causes erection loss in many men. A survey conducted by the Indiana University established that 37% of condom-using men lose their erection just prior to or during a sexual intercourse. The villain of the piece is the condom, which acts as a deterrent.


3. Lubricated condoms contain chemicals that increase the chance of getting sexually transmitted diseases (STD).


4. The act of putting on a condom creates a pause during the foreplay and this leads to loss of intensity.


5. The friction caused by a regular condom’s rubber latex decreases female enjoyment and even makes her uncomfortable. Lubricated condoms work better, but expose both partners to risk of STDs.


6. Men become self-conscious while using a condom and lose their spontaneity. Loss of erection may follow thereafter.


7. Men must immediately withdraw their penis after ejaculation and get rid of the condom. This makes the sexual intercourse less enjoyable.


8. Some men and women are allergic to latex condoms.


9. The man must maintain his erection throughout – and this thought keeps playing at the back of his head making him preoccupied when he should be foot loose and care free.


There is good news for all men whose erection and sexual performance is impacted by condoms – such men can now buy the new-age erection condoms (also called Viagra condoms). These condoms deliver erectogenic compounds to the penis and ensure that the erection is maintained throughout the period of the sexual intercourse. These erections condoms have been tested and studies have also found that women experienced a longer and more satisfying and fulfilling sexual experience. The use of these new-age condoms is increasing by the day as more and more regular-condom-haters are switching to these with a vengeance.


Loss of erection during sex and condom use

Men do not exactly like to wear condoms. Such a statement is really not much of a revelation. Among the reasons men do not like to wear condoms is that they do not feel natural, are uncomfortable, or can make it difficult to maintain an erection. This latter point can be considered one of the more serious issues which is why the development of the erection condom is such a positive thing.


When you cannot maintain an erection while wearing a condom, the ability for the condom to be effective is compromised. As a birth control aid, a condom that become loose due to a weak erection undermines the ability for the condom to do so. Again, this is why the forthcoming Viagra condom to the European Union market might very well be a great way to potentially prevent such problematic issues from arising.


Some may wonder why it is that it can prove to be difficult to maintain an erection when wearing a condom?


On a psychological level, the excitement levels a man may feel can decrease. He can become distracted as a result or feel anxiety. As a result, there will be a physiological reaction that occurs. In this case, the physiological reaction will be the erection becoming much softer and weaker. This either will compromise safe sex or it will lead the man to cease sexual intercourse.


Another reason why men may lose their erection is because the condom is too tight. The obvious problem here is that when the condom is too tight, physical discomfort arises and this leads to the weakening of the erection. Granted, it is true that some men can wear condoms and not suffer from any problems with their erections. However, there are many men who do suffer from this problem and this is why the arrival of the erection condom may prove to be a truly excellent help to them.


Whether the problem with your weak erections are mental or physical the fact remains that you are not experiencing the proper flow of blood to the penis. if the chambers of the penis are not engorged with blood then the penis will not stay erect. The great benefit of the erection condom is that its gel is designed to help promote more blood to the penis. As the penis does not suffer from a lack of blood flow thanks the the facilitation of more blood to the penis, the problems with erections will subside.


It would not be accurate to say that any condom no matter how innovative it may be can be a cure to erectile dysfunction. However, for those that do not suffer from a serious problem with ED, these condoms may be able to deliver on the expected benefits.