Condom woes lead to erection deflation

When you are talking about deflation it can be a really bad word. If you have deflation woes at the sight of a condom then you may have a problem that is deflating your sex life. The erection condom may be the answer to your deflation woes and it may be the upper that brings the spice back in your love life. Wouldn’t it be nice to never have to worry about getting an erection and you have the guarantee of an erection every time. With theViagra condom you can have the erection that you want without all the drama that pills may cause.


The erection condom has a small amount of gel in the tip and in the condom that will make your deflation problems nonexistent. As a matter of fact it can make all the stressors of sex go away. Many people are stressed out about protection and the condom is the best protection for people that have an active sex life. You know that you need protection but it is hard to sacrifice your erection for protection. The other issue is deflation, and theViagra condom can help with that as well. You can be safe and healthy and also have a firmer and more erect condom.


Imagine being in the heat of the moment and then having to stop and pull out a condom. By the time you have it on you have already deflated. This can be extremely embarrassing for you. It is a difficult thing to talk about with your partner and no one wants to leave the bedroom unsatisfied. This experience can make you feel frustrated and a little depressed. Imagine the flip side, if you put on an erection condom and it only makes you more erect and firmer. It will also make you last longer. Longer is always better and it will help with pleasuring your partner. The Viagra condom will improve the experience instead of making you leave without any satisfaction. This will make all your deflation woes seem like problems of yesterday.


You do not have to suffer through erection issues because very soon there will be a fast and easy solution to your problem. They are for real and are being approved as this article is written. The erection condom will be out soon in Europe and they will soon be available in the United States. Erection woes will be a thing of the past and these condoms will leave you and your partner feeling fulfilled and utterly satisfied. You can have the erection that you have always wanted without pills or oral medication. TheViagra condom is the perfect combination of ingredients to ease your deflation woes forever.


New erection-enhancing condom gets EU approval

After a prolonged scientific study and many years of research and development, the healthcare industry has invented a new breed of “erection condoms,” also referred to as “Viagra condoms,” that help men maintain a solid erection from the time of pulling on the condom right down to ejaculation. The research and development work on the new condoms began after it was conclusively established that regular latex condoms irritated men and women alike, and then made matters worse by causing erection loss in men.


This new condom, named CSD500, delivers an erectogenic compound to the penis that helps men maintain their erection. Men who use CSD500 need not bother about the dull sensation and the psychological setbacks that are associated with the regular condoms. The CSD500 is much safer than lubricated condoms, which expose the partners to the risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases (STD).


The big news is that this new-age erection condom has been awarded the CE Mark. The CE Mark stands for Conformité Européenne (in French – European Conformity in English). The new “Viagra condom” can now be sold in 29 European nations as a Class III medical device containing an ancillary medical substance. The CE Mark is a mandatory confirmatory mark that is required to ensure that the product is in compliance with the essential requirements prescribed by EC directives.


Though the CE Mark is not a quality mark, it can be considered as one. The mark is applicable for all medical device products and it prescribes rigorous checks. The product must be 100% safe and also deliver medicine in a medical-technical way. The products must also work as per the manufacturer’s intended purpose. Every manufacturer must prove his product’s worth and standards to the EU compliance officials before his product is awarded the CE Mark.


Aside from the strict compliance checks, CSD500’s satisfaction- and efficiency-levels have undergone many vigorous tests. Many samples of men and women had several bouts of sexual intercourse using the CSD500, regular and lubricated condoms. After the tests, most men stated that the CSD 500 helped them maintain rock-solid erections for the entire session and some men even claimed that they noticed an increase in penis size. Most women reported a longer and more satisfying sexual experience when their partners used the CSD500.


So, well, the era of the new-age erection condom is finally here and all men should no longer worry about their condom-phobia.