Durex creates new blood-flow boosting condom that gives men a welcome lift

The erection condom is the latest design from Durex. This Viagra Condom has a gel in the tip that increases the flow of blood to the penis. It is already being used in clinical trials in the UK, with subjects experiencing larger, firmer erections that last much longer than normal. These condoms are being manufactured by Futura Medical, and will be made by leading condom manufacturer Durex. The invention is called CSD500, but the press has been calling it the 'Viagra' condom.


Even though it is being called the Viagra Condom, the actual prescription medication works differently. Viagra helps those with ED get aroused, while the CSD500 gel works to help those that have problems maintaining and erection after applying a condom. This gel will help maintain the erection after the condom is put on. The gel is called Zanifil, and was inspired by a generic substance that is used to treat Angina in heart patients.


Not only will this erection condom help people get firmer erections, it also has a number of other benefits that may be as, if not more important. One of the problems men face when they have trouble maintaining an erection with a condom is the possibility that it will slip off, causing unwanted pregnancies. Being able to keep an erection will also keep the condom on. With so many unwanted pregnancies occurring, this will help lower these rates.


Another benefit from the Viagra condom is that because men will want this product to have larger, firmer and longer lasting erections, they will use condoms much more often than before. Some men and even women don't like condoms in general, but with these erection condom products, more will use it. This means that Sexually Transmitted Diseases or STDs will likely be reduced dramatically, especially for those that have casual sex or with multiple partners.


Now that your attention has been grabbed, you may be wondering when the Viagra Condom is going to be available. If things work in testing and a few bugs can be worked out, you may be able to have these condoms by your bedside by the end of the year. One of the hurdles that are being worked on is how to make the gel have a better shelf life, as well as not interfere with the condom material itself.


You can find an abundance of information about the new erection condom online from a variety of resources. The news and other media resources offer a number of stories on this subject. Not only will these products offer a welcome lift for those men who have problems with conventional condom products, but will also promote safe sex.


New viagra condom to join the fight in STD prevention

The new erection condom or Viagra condom as it is sometimes known is helping to encourage more people to use protection when having sexual relations with their partner. These condoms have a gel in them that will help a male to maintain his erection with the use of the condom and this can help to offset the concerns that many people have with condom use.

In fact, the gel has been shown to produce the same results that Viagra pills have in the past. The difference though is that they aren’t a solution for erectile dysfunction. Instead, they help to maintain the sensitivity that is often reduced with the use of a condom.

The gel which has been shown to be effective with angina is designed to be safe with the latex in the condom. This means it won’t break with use and will ensure that both parties are protected from any potential STDs that their partner may have.

Of course, the erection condom or even Viagra condom if you will is only going to be so effective. As with a standard condom, there is still the risk of the condom breaking and you will still need to exercise good judgment when using them for sexual activity.

While the long term effectiveness and safety of the Viagra condom is still up in the air, there is still little doubt that these are going to be a safer solution that to use no protection at all. This protection will cover everything from:

  • HIV
  • Syphilis
  • Gonorrhea
  • Pregnancy


Keep in mind that as with most condoms the level of accuracy is only roughly 95% accurate and you do need to keep this in mind. Still, the ability to perform with a condom is going to certain encourage both men and women to use this form of protection more often during intercourse because of the benefits of the gel and the fact that they are going to be able to have some peace of mind as well. At the moment, the condoms are still looking to be expanded to the United States pending FDA approval. Because of their contents, there is a good possibility that at minimum they may be held behind the counter, but most likely they will require you to have a prescription in place to pick up a box of them because of the nature of the gel.