Erection goes down when the condom comes out

Erectile dysfunction is an extremely debilitating problem for men and can be very frustrating for their partners. When your erectile dysfunction is directly related to condom use there may be a solution for that as well. Many men are ready to go and rock hard and then it is time for them to put on a condom. During the process of opening the condom and putting it on their erection goes away. This can be extremely frustrating for everyone involved. There are ways to keep this from happening, and the new way may be the erection condom.


An erection condom is also called a Viagra condom because it mimics Viagra in that they help you get and maintain an erection. The condoms are coated with a gel that has the active ingredients of Viagra and has the same effects. Instead of your penis growing soft when you put the condom on it will have the opposite effect. You can use protection and provide more pleasure for your mate. The firmer and more erect the penis the more pleasure that is derived from your mate. This condom will assist you in that department instead of having the opposite effect.


It is recommended that you try traditional methods first, like extended foreplay to keep your penis erect and firm. Foreplay works for some because it gets them so turned on that they do not deflate when they stop and put on the condom. The downside to this technique may be premature ejaculation which can also be frustrating for your partner. However, if that is not working it is better to have options. This new erection condom may be the answer to your condom woes.


These condoms should be available by the end of the year for people in Europe and they are being looked at by the food and drug administration of the United States. The condoms have worked wonderfully in trials and the results were very satisfactory for the men and women. They are highly recommended for people with erectile problems during condom use.


The erection condom is popular because they can solve two major issues with one product. You can have a firm and erect penis and protection from STD’s, pregnancy and Aids. This is a product that is sure to fly off the shelves and be the favorite new sex aide for men and women. The Viagra condom is the new way to have a healthy sex life and still maintain all the components that are necessary to provide an orgasm. This product will enhance and renew your love life in a way that you never imagined possible. These condoms are revolutionary and you can have them soon. Watch the shelves of your local drug store for this product.


Condoms make him lose his erection

Well, according to Cynthia Graham, Associate Research fellow at Kinsey Institute for Sex, Gender and Reproduction at the Indiana University, the two words definitely do not go together. A New Scientist feature ( ) that quotes Cynthia clearly states that men feel a strange kind of nervous excitement especially while having sex with a new partner and all this excitement coupled with ill-fitting condoms that scrape and irritate leads to heavy-duty erection loss. This makes men dump the condoms and indulge in unprotected sex, which increases the likelihood of getting a sexually transmitted disease.


Cynthia Graham conducted a research on 278 men who were asked about condom-erection loss, frequency of unprotected sex, and many other questions. One of the most important discoveries was that 37% of men experienced erection loss while putting on condoms or while having sex.


Let’s face it, most men are of the opinion that condoms irritate and make them self-conscious prior to and during sex. The only other solution available so far is using lubricated condoms. However, lubricated condoms contain Nonoxynol-9, a spermicidal lubricant, and their frequent use can lead to an increased risk of sexually transmitted disease. Other techniques are primitive – experts advise men to become more mentally tough and keep going with regular condoms until they get used to the irritating rubber grazing against skin. But then, this technique can cause many erection losses before it is perfected. And, as you one, one erection loss is enough to shatter a man’s confidence for life.


Once men experience erection loss, they hit a psychological low and life becomes full of excuses. “It happened because I experienced loss of sensation,” “The condom hurt me so bad it ruined my moment,” and other innovative excuses become part of bedroom life. All men feel extremely depressed and their ego takes a huge beating every time they face an erection loss. The sad fact is that erection loss can occur for all men every time they use a condom. There’s no escape, just surrender.


Fortunately, there is a new type of Viagra condom or an erection condom in the market. These new condoms contain erectogenic compounds that help keep men’s erection solidly firm throughout the entire sexual encounter. Such condoms can help men enjoy the entire sexual experience and also ward off sexually transmitted diseases. These erection condoms – or Viagra condoms, call them whatever name – seem to be the need of the hour.