Putting on Condom = Bye Bye Erection

If the sight of a condom makes your penis deflate then an erection condom may make your penis rise to the occasion. One of the worst things that can happen when you are having a sexual encounter is for your penis to deflate. Let’s face it, a limp penis is the fastest and most efficient way to kill a sexual experience and can leave everyone feeling unfulfilled and frustrated. It can also have other long term effects on your confidence in the bedroom. To avoid all of these issues there is soon to be the answer to your dreams. This is an erection condom. These condoms not only provide the protection that is imperative but also give you the added benefit of a firmer and more erect penis.


Many people have unprotected sex because the mere thought of a condom makes their penis go soft. There is never any excuse for going without a condom. You need a condom for protection against STD’s, pregnancy and Aids. Ignorance in this area can give you serious and life threatening health problems and it is not worth the risk. The Viagra condom can give you all the protection that is necessary to keep you healthy and can give you the firm and erect penis that you and your partner want to make it the perfect sexual experience. Who can ask for more than protection and safety in one easy to use sex tool?


The erection condom contains a gel in the tip that has the same effect as Viagra has, and this is why many people are calling them the Viagra condom. This is also a choice for those men who have problems taking pills or oral medication. Even though this will not be listed as an erectile dysfunction solution, the fact that it works in the same way as Viagra but it goes directly to the source will be attractive to many men with an erectile dysfunction problem. So men that have bad reactions to Viagra may be able to use theViagra condom. These may help with erection items where other items have failed. So you may not have to say bye bye to your erection any longer. Erection problems can be a thing of the past.


Condoms and erections should work together to give protection and pleasure and if this is currently a problem then erection problems can help. If you want to have all the pleasure and none of the hassles then you can succeed with these miracle devices. Look for them soon at the local drug store and know that they can make the difference in your love life. The erection condom is the new way to have condoms that have everything that you need and desire.


Will Viagra condoms promote safer sex?

What is a Viagra Condom? This is a new kind of erection condom that is supposed to promote safe sex. Basically, the inside of a condom is coated with a special gel that was once used to treat Angina, and now helps keep the penis erect. This medication is called Zanifil, which will be contained in the tip of the condom. Some men have problems maintaining an erection after putting on a condom, and this can not only cause it to come off, but deter some males from using them in the first place.


The promoters of these products hope that because their new Viagra condom or erection condom will help keep the male organ hard, that more people will use it on a regular basis. If this is true, this could have a number of benefits in our society, not just in America, but in other parts of the world as well. Here are just a few of the benefits.


One of the major benefits of the new Viagra condom is the prevention of accidental pregnancy. If the male can't maintain an erection, the condom can slip off, and a woman can get pregnant. Many unexpected pregnancies have occurred because of this, and can bring unwanted children into the world. Because an erection condom can help keep the penis erect, the condom doesn't come off.


Another great benefit of using this new erection condom is that because men will want to use them, the spread of sexually transmitted diseases or STDs will be greatly reduced by the general population. Most men in general don't like using condoms, so a product that offers to make men harder longer will have an appeal, thereby promoting safer sex in general. More men will want to use these products for improving their sex lives.


Now before running out and trying to buy a Viagra condom, you have to understand that these products are being developed in the UK, and may not be available in the US until the end of the year. One of the main challenges the erection condom is creating a stable gel product, one that is not only going to have a long shelf life, but also one that is not going to effect the condom material itself.


So far, initial European testing has been positive, with men reporting stronger, firmer erections that last longer. If you need more information, there are a number of online resources available. Because of the concerns about unwanted pregnancies as well as STDs, it is possible that the researchers and manufacturers of the erection product may get them out on the market ahead of schedule. In addition, US condom manufacturers may also see the benefits, and look into producing some of these products themselves.